The Mission

  • We want to be the best platform for online lessons in music, language and academic subjects in Ireland.
  • We want to provide Students and Teachers a platform where they can connect and together achieve their goals.

The Vision

  • We are striving to improve the connectivity of students and teachers regardless of where they are in the world.
  • We want to develop and grow in much the same way as our students and teachers develop and grow their craft.



Online Lessons (its in your hands)

Assisting all ages and abilities, teachers and students, to achieve their goals.
Connect experienced teachers with enthusiastic learners and the sky is the limit with what can be achieved.
Reach for the stars and you might just become one.   

The Team

Our team is based in Ireland and is made up of Parents, Teachers, Students and Developers ! We've got oceans of experience and want to pull together so we can help our community move forward during this health pandemic. This platform is the result of many months of development, consultation and listening to our peers. We hope you like it and get the benefit we believe is possible.

How It Works

Looking forward to meeting
your new students?

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